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Thank you for visiting my blog.  I really look forward to posting as many positive experiences as possible.   I am someone who is looking for some adventure and exploring many facets of the world.  I love to be in the outdoors a lot. My favorite activities are camping, hiking, fishing and yes some hunting. By far my favorite is fishing.  I will try to post as many pictures as I can.  I own a few businesses where I live which make it possible for me to do all the things that I love.

Hi, my name is Brandon Wyatt and welcome to my travel blog all about home. I have been a traveling professional now for 15 years and have been traveling not only the United States but several other locations throughout the world. This travel blog has been designed to help you think about some of the things that could go wrong at home while you're out of town. I hope that some of my experiences will shed some light on some best practices and checklist ideas to have in hand before you or your family head out of town for fun or business.

Heating and Air Conditioning do matter.

Common industry jargon like HVAC is thrown around to represent heating and air conditioning. First and foremost it's important not to be intimidated by any of the industry words they are only used to quickly describe products or systems. So much has changed over the years in what is available to the home consumer because technology has completely changed the way we integrate into those systems. For instance, 15 years ago when I started to travel full-time there was no way to monitor your home's temperature remotely. Nowadays the Apple iPhone and Droid have consumer products available in an application to help you monitor systems from the other side of the world in real time. Living in the midwest means that temperatures can fluctuate throughout the year significantly. 15 years ago when I started my business traveling I was only able to set my temperature to a low setting and then walk away from my home and hope for the best. At the very best ten years ago I had a digital display that would allow me to set Cycles in my home. While I was out of town I would lower the temperature, of course, saving on energy and then raising the temperature slightly on the weekends when I was home. Of course today now I have the ability to monitor that temperature and even bring the temperature up in the winter time before I get home via my telephone or smart device.

Here's something to think about.

When you travel it's important to be able to monitor your temperature in real time because pipes can freeze and cause thousands of dollars of unwanted damage to your home not only cosmetically but structurally as well. One of the things that I have done as a traveling professional is keeping my own quote-unquote Angie's List always available and on hand while I travel.

I have the ability to monitor my home through video surveillance as well. One of my worries is having a pipe suddenly explode and for me to come home to lots of water. By not only monitoring the temperature accurately and having a video that has an audio, I am able to protect myself from unwanted damage. The last thing I want to dot is to come home to a flooded home and have to call all over town to find emergency carpet cleaners.

Over the years, my business has allowed me to live in multiple locations. One of the other considerations to think about with heating and air conditioning is the type of heating you have. The one that I have had the most success with is forced air heat. Radiant heat is a very good heat Source but in my opinion old fashioned. The only source of heat that I have not been able to monitor with a smartphone is radiant electric heat. In my home, I currently have a couple of these in hallways where it tends to be a bit cold and drafty. Forced air electric or gas heat are very ideal. Some of the other changes that I have made over the years with my HVAC system have been simply getting the top-of-the-line heating and air conditioning systems that I could afford. By purchasing the one that has high energy star ratings I know that I'm not only saving myself money by purchasing a good piece of quality equipment but also, there are great tax benefits for purchasing products that are Energy Star Products. I have had very good luck in finding a local HVAC guy that gave me a good quality piece of equipment in Davenport Iowa. He also did a great installation job as well. I always keep his number on hand and I get to always text him questions and he gets back with me right away. That's the type of relationship that I tend to create as I have to be gone on the road nearly 100% of the time. The great part about having that kind of relationship with an HVAC guy is not only yes does he do heat but air conditioning can be problematic as well, it's always great to have a friend you can text and get back with right away. Some of the things that I have had him do for me in the past has been simple maintenance. From time to time I have found it to be important not only for my peace of mind but for my family's safety to have him come and do especially a 21-point inspection on my heating and air conditioning equipment. There are several moving parts and it's important to make sure everything has been duplicated correctly so it's working at optimal functionality. Again it's about creating a checklist so you have a sense of security knowing that your equipment will not fail while you are out of town.

Find a Tree Trimming Friend!

I cannot overemphasize the importance of having the same kind of Friendship with a tree trimming service as you have with an HVAC professional as well. Time and again while I have been on the road living in the midwest we have been pummeled with large storms. These large storms can create not only damaging hail but large winds that have severely compromised trees in my yard in the past. Not only having the ability to have video surveillance outwardly to see the damage I have excellent friendships in the neighborhood that have called and sent text pictures in the past with damages after a large wind storm. Removing these large trees is completely on the homeowner their self. As I was somewhat out of City Limits I have no city services that would remove trees in the event that it was a public area that was prevented from access. I have found by having a relationship with a tree trimming service like I have currently I have been able to send a quick text message and get the type of service that everyone wants but hardly ever gets. The tree trimming service that I use understands that typically these Services can be charged to your insurance company as it is been hail damage or wind related that can be charged to a specific event. Not knowing that this is something that the insurance company typically will pay for is something that will cost you out of pocket, at least, bare minimum 500 to $1,000. It's very important to have a relationship ahead of time with someone that understands how to get these paid for by your insurance company. Having that type of relationship with a reputable tree trimming service that knows their business will no doubt save you money and long-term protect your home and your investment while you are out of town. This should be the number thing on your checklist when creating your out-of-town checklist.

Get a Carpet Cleaning Friend today!

With my friend I'm going to teach you something that I teach my kids every single day. Know what you're going to do before you do it. I've given you a couple of examples of things that have safety large headaches by having good relationships and place before damages or bad things happen. But one thing I didn't touch on that I should have said about tree trimming services is it's important to know that you can do maintenance with that as well. Having a good friend in the carpet cleaning industry is important because of this bad things will happen and you know that you must have someone good to turn to before that crisis hits. Living in a household with 3 children a wife and two Labradors that weigh over 100 pounds means that I have 18 individual feet walking around my carpet every single day. With that said it's important to have a home that is clean. Not only having a friend of the carpet cleaning industry that is reputable will save you not only time but money. But having one that's good with restorative damages like smoke and water damage. No doubt bad things will happen and when they do you want someone that you can trust with your home. Your home is your Castle, take the time to make sure that the maintenance people that are working on it are the people that you want in your home. Typically having a good carpet cleaning friend is someone that comes over at least every 6 months to our home. We've been able to keep older carpet longer by keeping it nice and clean and maintenance. I cannot overemphasize the importance of just playing maintenance seeing things that you own. I promise if you follow a few of these basic checklist items that your peace of mind will be greatly enhanced by following them. By knowing what you're going to do ahead of time you create a success plan for yourself in spite of whatever damages might come. Safe travels Brandon  


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